Short answer:
  • Basic Summary: How do you fix furniture, shelves etc to uneven walls – or where skirting or pipes get in the way.
  • The secret: Space-Plugs: brilliant little things that solve this problem safely and easily: adjust to the size you need and fix things to the wall with ease.
  • What do I know? Well, I’ve used them in my garage, to hold up wardrobes, even to create a whole homegym storage solution around my central heating pipes.
  • Benefit to Reader: This saves me money time and effort. Hopefully, by reading this you can too.
Full article:

Space-Plugs genius little spacers that make it easy to fix furniture and cabinets to an uneven wall. Even where pipes or skirting are in the way.

Are you struggling to fix furniture to an uneven wall because of pipes or skirting? If so, a Space-Plug, a genius little spacer might be the solution you’re looking for.

They make it easy to fix anything to a wall. Even when there’s a gap between the wall and what you’re fixing. They’ve saved me a huge amount of time. And made it possible to use space in my garage I thought was unusable to create a home gym. Here’s a review of these little orange widgets.

space plug cabinet fixing

When it comes to home improvement, fixing furniture and cabinets to walls can be a tricky business. Especially if your walls are uneven or have obstacles such as pipes or skirting boards in the way. This is where a Space-Plug comes in handy. These adjustable spacers can be a lifesaver when you need to secure furniture and cabinets to the wall safely and securely.

Space-Plug – uneven walls solution – how to use

Space-Plug are according to the manufacturer very easy to use.

  1. Simply drill a hole in the wall,
  2. unwind it to the point where the furniture is secure and level and then,
  3. thread the screw through the spacer,
  4. tighten it up. It’s that simple, apparently!

And it pretty much is. If you are a decent DIYer they are very easy to use.

The one thing to look out for is that you put them the right way around. Otherwise, the screw can pull out the wall plug. Those with eagle eyes will spot that I’ve got them the wrong way around! Make sure you also buy an extra-long drill bit.

Space plugs genius little spacers how to use. uneven wall issues solved
Instructions form the Space Plug website

Space-Plug – when to use them:

A Space-Plug can adjust to lots of different widths depending on what size you use. So you can use them for a wide range of DIY projects. We have very deep skirting boards, so fixing cabinets to a wall so they can’t move around or topple over can be a real challenge. But with Space Plugs, you can securely fix tall cabinets to the wall without any problems.

Space-plug genius little spacers for furniture

Our heating system is located in our garage and the pipes take up most of one wall and part of a second. This meant using those walls for storage was a real challenge. How could we add storage shelves without damaging the pipes, or cutting into the shelves and reducing the useful storage space?

Gym before uneven wall solution

We could have created a dummy wall to hide all the pipes. But I’d rather still have clear access to them in case of issues.

We positioned simple, cheap HEJNE units from Ikea far enough away from the wall to give the pipes plenty of space. Then with an extra long drill bit, 100mm screws and a bag of Space-Savers, secured everything to the wall. This has solved a major storage issue – and left a central space for a gym floor. And having the shelves slightly out from the wall means that the Ikea boxes fit better on them too.

Gym after uneven wall problem solved
Space plugs genius little spacers for pipes over shelves

I had to add extra spacers because the screws I bought were too long, but a small bodge in the garage doesn’t bother anyone really! And they are hidden by all the boxes.

Space plugs genius little spacers on shelves fix furniture to an uneven wall

Space Plugs are not just useful for to fix furniture to an uneven wall, they can also help with a variety of other DIY projects. For example, if you need to fix kitchen units to the wall or secure a stair gate. Perhaps add a doorframe to a wonky wall or any other project that requires a secure and adjustable spacer, Space Plugs are a must-have. And at only about 50p each, they are very good value too. I keep a few in one of my many garage boxes.

So, whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, I’d definitely consider adding Space Plug to your toolbox. These clever little brackets can help you tackle a variety of home improvement projects with ease and confidence.