The secret to stunning bathrooms

Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces in our homes. Instead, they can be an extension of our personal style and taste. A place where we can unwind, relax and rejuvenate. One of the most crucial elements in making a bathroom that “wows” is the tiling. Bathrooms with stunning tiling have a bold and luxurious look, making your bathroom stand out from the rest. So, how do you achieve this?

Professional help doesn’t have to be expensive

The secret lies in finding a tiling supplier that has design services. Specifically, having someone who understands the products inside out, has a good sense of design, and knows how to make a statement. They may try to sell you the most expensive tiles at first. But they will also surprise you with choices you never would have made yourself, and with the right guidance can work within a budget.

One great example of this is Andrea from David Scott Tiles in Belfast. She was able to help us make our dreams of bathrooms with stunning tiling a reality by working within our budget and offering suggestions we basically never would have thought of ourselves.

The hero – master ensuite

Our ensuite is a hero room. Big simple white porcelain squares paired with a herringbone patterned green Italian tile and mostly brass fittings. This combination creates a luxurious feel that is both striking and warm.

Stunning tiling aquamarine herringbone
Tinte Aquamarina Matt 5x25cm – Herringbone – Grout Colour Light Grey
Medley Minimal White – Grout Colour Light Grey

The ground floor WC

The ground floor toilet features a combination of dark textures on the walls with an amazing pattern in the centre. This draws the eye to the centre of the room. It’s called “Wow Stripes Graphite,” paired with a lily pad peacock tile. This bold combination is perfect for a small downstairs toilet.

Stunning tiling - lillypad peacock
Lily Pad Peacock – Grout Colour light/med grey
Wow Stripes Graphite – Grout Colour Anthracite

Having fun with the kids’ bathroom

In the kids’ bathroom, a lily pad peacock tile is paired with a simple Matt white version of the tiles used in the ensuite. These are laid in a slightly different pattern to create a feature wall behind the shower and on the floor. Mostly black fixtures and fittings give this bathroom a striking, cool feel that our kids love.

Kids bathroom Lillypad peacock and tinte white
Lily Pad Peacock – Grout Colour Light/med Grey 
Tinte Matt White 5x25cm – Laid vertical -Grout Colour White

Guest Ensuite & basement WC

For the guest room ensuite, which is rarely used, we initially planned on using simple white tiles. But Andrea persuaded us to still have some fun and create a striking look while sticking to a budget. We used a herringbone pattern on the wall with simple Blanco Matt white tiles. On the floor and one of the shower balls, anthracite big tiles with a slight pattern make a nice contrast. So achieving an interesting look – in the room with the cheapest tiles

Spare room ensuite herringbone white and anthracite feature
Herringbone Blanco Matt White 10x30cm Grout Colour – Dark Grey
Allure Anthracite 60x60cm – Grout Colour Anthracite 

In the basement toilet, we had a bit of fun with a tile called “Fun Joy,”. This works well with dark fittings and adds a pop of colour and fun to an otherwise boring little room.

bathroom fun joy!
Fun Joy tiles – Grout light grey

On the other hand, tiling isn’t the only element to consider. The amount you spend on valves sinks, toilets etc is a big part of your bathroom. We look into this in detail in this post.

In conclusion, stunning tiling can create a bathroom that “wows”. But finding the right tiling supplier with design services can really help. They can help manage your budget, offer bold and interesting choices, and create a bathroom that is an extension of your personal style and taste. With the right tiling and the right help, you can make bathrooms with stunning tiling. And they’ll become a luxurious and relaxing space that you can enjoy for years to come.