Short Answer:
  • Basic Summary: This blog teaches a clever trick to catch drilling dust using a Post-it note.
  • The One Lesson: Drilling doesn’t have to be messy! This simple solution makes the process cleaner and easier.
  • My Expertise: I’ve drilled a lot of holes, and cleaned up a lot of mess – but not any more.
  • Benefit to Reader: Readers gain a time-saving, hassle-free tip for cleaner drilling projects, empowering them to drill with less mess.
Full Article:

Are you sick of drilling holes and leaving a trail of dust in your wake? Check out this simple hack that will keep your home clean and debris-free. Read on to learn all about drilling a hole without making a mess.

Drilling without mess: the Super simple post-it hack    SD 480p

Drilling a hole in the wall can be a messy job. Dust and debris are inevitable, and they can be difficult to clean up. But there is a simple hack that you can use to drill a hole without making a mess.

You will need the following:

A drill
A drill bit
A Post-it note (or other sticky note – here’s a cheap one on Amazon)

A … well that’s it.

Step 1: Stick the note on the wall under your marker.

Step 2: Fold up the bottom, and make two little folds in the corners so you can crimp out the middle into a little bucket

Drilling? Super simple post-it hack step 1

Step 3: Start drilling

Drilling without mess Super simple post-it hack step 2

Step 4: watch all your dust collected without going all over the floor

Drilling? Super simple post-it hack step 3


Super simple post-it hack step 4

Step 5: Scrunch it up and stick it in the bin.

Super simple post-it hack step 5

Easy peasy.

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Happy mess-free drilling!